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Current indications for hinged implants
S. Lustig, C. Batailler, E. Servien N°276 - August/September 2018

A recent report on joint prosthesis from France’s Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) contained the following definition of a hinged implant: ‘The femoral component and tibial component are connected by a hinge-type join to overcome a ligament defect in the patient.


A Pictorial and Systematic Approach to Varus Deformity
Arun Mullaji FRCS Ed, MCh Orth, MS Orth, DNB Orth, D Orth, MB N°276 - August/September 2018

Varus deformity is the commonest type of deformity encountered in patients requiring total knee arthroplasty. It can vary from a mild deformity which corrects easily and completely under...


Patella Infera in TKA
David Dejour, Yves Malemo, Guillaume Demey N°276 - August/September 2018

Patella infera (or patella baja) described by Caton, Deschamps et al in 1982, and then by Noyes in 1991, is defined by a patellar index less than or equal to 0.6.1,2 It can be congenital and is...

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The 18th Lyon Knee Surgery Days (Journées Lyonnaises du Genou)

Georgina Parsons - on 19/06/2018

The Lyon Knee Surgery Days (Journées Lyonnaises du Genou) are back from Semptember 20th to September 22nnd 2018! This 18th edition of the congress will be entirely devoted to Revision knee arthroplasty.In a webinar recorded with the MO Journal team, the Presidents of the Congress, Dr Roger Badet and Prof. Sebastien Lustig, gave us a presentation of the history of the congress, and what

Our website is changing!

Georgina Parsons - on 03/10/2017

Looking for something in particular? We've now upgraded our search feature to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Simply type your keywords into the

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