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On 05/02/2020

N°004 - January / February 2020

N°004 - January / February 2020


The Lyon Hip Arthroplasty 2019 congress in September was well attended by surgeons from a dozen countries. We met one of the organizers, André Ferreira, who commented on the main achievements of this congress devoted to femoral stems. André Ferreira underlines one of the objectives of this congress: to bring together experiences from the public and private sectors. He comes from the Lyon orthopaedic school and works at the Clinique du Parc in Lyon.

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Article : Radiological modes of fixation of a tapered, wedged proximally coated femoral stem By Amar RANAWAT

Modes of fixation of cementless femoral stems have important clinical implications as they determine the initial fixation and subsequent bone ingrowth.

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Article : Robotic-assisted total hip arthroplasty: from planning to robotization By Pascal KOUYOUMDJIAN

As surgery goes, total hip replacements achieve some of the best outcomes; however, operated patients continue to demand even better functional results. The short-, mid- and long-term results do not always meet expectations and are sometimes marred by complications or poor results.

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Article : Acetabular Reaming: Routines or Convictions? By Jean-Louis Prudhon(1) - André Ferreira(2) - Thierry Aslanian

All major national records show a regular annual increase in the number of total hip replacements (THRs). Anticipating complications and improving outcomes in the short, medium or long term have been the principal concerns of orthopaedic surgeons for several decades.

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Article : Weight limits associated with commonly used femoral stems for total hip arthroplasty By J. Griffiths(1), M. Quaye(2), S. Abouel-Enin(3), P.J. Yates(4), R. Carey-Smith(5), J. Latham(6)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests obesity to affect 200 million men and 300 million women worldwide. Obesity is defined per body mass index (BMI), with a patient being classified as overweight with a BMI of ≥25Kg/m2, obese with a BMI ≥30Kg/m2 and morbidly obese with a BMI ≥40Kg/m2.

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Article : Innovations in AC-Joint reconstruction using low-profile implants By Marvin Minkus (1), Nina Maziak (1), Philipp Moroder (1), Markus Scheibel (1,2)

Acromioclavicular (AC) joint dislocations are frequent. When surgery is indicated, several techniques have been proposed to treat AC dislocation. Especially arthroscopic techniques have been improved and were subject to further development during the last decade.

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