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On 21/04/2021

N°010 - March / April 2021

N°010 - March / April 2021

Interview : DAVID DEJOUR

David Dejour should have finished his mandate as president last May 2020 in Milan, at the Esska congress. He tells us about the highlights of this very popular congress and retraces the main stages of his professional career, which is entirely focused on the knee.

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Article : ESSKA Congress Issue By Michael T. Hirschmann (1,2) - David H. Dejour (3)

Dear MO journal readers We all have to face a very challenging situation all over Europe and all over the world. As a nonprofit medical organisation, ESSKA is very concerned about the worldwide crisis, and the countries which are the most impacted by COVID-19.

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Article : Fresh osteochondral allograft (FOCA) transplantation of the knee a rare used technique in Europe with long term good results By Pablo E. Gelber (1,2)

Injuries in the articular cartilage of the knee are frequent in young and active people. It is a common finding during knee arthroscopic surgery, with a reported prevalence of up to two third of the cases. Regarding only localized cartilage defects, they can be seen in around 20% of patients.

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Article : One year ago... By David Dejour

Yes, this interview was done a year ago... and since then so many "adverse events", as they say in medicine, have occurred. I could do the same interview again at this point in time, but that would mean forgetting all the history that preceded what we had done to prepare for the ESSKA Milan 2020 congress.

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Article : ESSKA @ Home 2021 "When fashions meets science" By David H. Dejour

"When fashion meets science" was our slogan for the ESSKA 2020 congress in Milan. The timing was strange because just after the Milan Fashion Week in February 2020, a series of seemingly improbable events began to unfold.

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Article : Patients specific cutting guides are helpful tools from simple to complex intra-articular high tibial osteotomies By Christophe Jacquet(1,2), Philippe Berton(3), Mathias Donnez(3), Akash Sharma(1), Kristian Kley(2,4), Adrian Wilson(2,4) , Simone Cerciello(1), Sébastien Parratte(1,2), Matthieu Ollivier(1,2)

The aim of medial opening-wedge and lateral closing tibial osteotomies is to correct varus alignment in the lower limb to treat overload in the medial compartment of the knee joint. In the last decade, medial opening-wedge high tibial osteotomy (OW-HTO) has gained increasing popularity, as more and more studies continue to report good post-operative outcomes with fewer complications.

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Article : The “functional knee phenotype concept” and its impact on the controversy of proper frontal alignment in TKA By Silvan Hess(1,2,3), Emma-Louise Robertson(2), Lukas B. Moser(4), Michael T. Hirschmann(2,5)

Despite the general acceptance of TKA as the treatment of choice in end stage osteoarthritis, the best method of performing a TKA is still under debate. The optimal implant alignment is only one topic among many others, but it has increasingly gained attention for many knee surgeons.

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Article : A diagnostic algorithm for acute syndesmotic injuries or ”high ankle sprains”: history, physical findings and imaging By S.A. Stufkens

The syndesmotic ligamentous complex plays an important role in the stability of the talocrural joint. Understanding the anatomy of the structures is mandatory for interpretation of clinical symptoms, radiographs, CT, MRI and ankle arthroscopy.

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