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On 01/11/2021

N°014 - November / December 2021

N°014 - November / December 2021


Professor Dieter Wirtz, President of the DGOU and DGOOC is Medical Director of the Medical University Clinic for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in Bonn and is an international expert in hip and knee surgery. He has been active in professional politics for many years and tells us about his career and experiences.

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Article : Temporary arthrodesis of the knee joint using coupled AO rods By Stefanie Donner, Clemens Gwinner, Stephanie Kirschbaum, Carsten Perka

The current gold standard in the treatment of periprosthetic infections is the two-stage septic revision of the affected knee joint with reported success rates of up to 90%.Usually, a bone-cement (polymethylmethacrylate—PMMA) spacer is used in the interim phase between explanation of the infected prosthesis and reimplantation of the new implant.

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Article : Planning and repair of acetabular defects in revision total hip arthroplasty: Simple solutions for complex problems By Max Jaenisch, Dieter Christian Wirtz

The implantation of a total hip arthroplasty (THA) is one of the most successful surgeries in the entire field of medicine and is therefore rightly called the surgery of the century. We are seeing growing numbers of implants in the developed world. However, the consequence of a larger number of primary implant procedures also results in a larger number of revision procedures.

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Article : Mixed reality, artificial intelligence and augmented surgeons By Thomas GRéGORY1,2,3,4, Pierre-Etienne WUNENBURGER1,2, Benjamin DUFOURNIER1, Abdallah BOUKHENTICHE1, Charles DACHEUX1,2

Computers offer the promise of being able to standardise surgical procedures and allow the surgeon, with the help of a machine, to become even more accurate. Thanks to computer-assisted surgery, the era of the “artist-surgeon”, where outcomes depended primarily on the operator’s skills, has given way to the era of the “digital surgeon”, also known as ...

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Article : Patient specific alignment and balancing with computer assisted surgery in total knee arthroplasty By Simon MARMOR, Thomas AUBERT

A successful knee replacement depends on a complex equation incorporating numerous variables, some relating to the patient, some to the implant, and others to the surgical technique. Surgeons have yet to fully master all of these variables, which is most certainly the reason why there is still room for improvement when it comes to unsatisfied patient outcomes.

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Article : Prosthetic management of coxa vara hips with increased femoral offset: the value of hip resurfacing By Julien Girard (a, b, c), Pierre Martinot (a, b), Julien Dartus (a, b), Sophie Putman (a, b), Henri Migaud (a, b)

During hip arthroplasty (THR) implantation, restoration of the femoral lever arm (offset) is a crucial element in order to maintain the stability of the prosthetic joint, improve joint amplitudes and optimize the efficiency and power of the gluteal muscles. This last point is essential, especially when the implantation is performed on a population of young subjects who wish to resume their sports activities.

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