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On 01/03/2022

N°015 - January / February 2022

N°015 - January / February 2022

Interview : SANJAY DESAI

Dr. Sanjay Desai is the father of shoulder surgery in India. He will describe his personal journey from his training in England to the introduction and development of shoulder surgery in India.

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Article : Femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI): Is there still a place for open surgery? By Morgan Gauthier(1,2), Simon Damian Steppacher(2), Klaus Siebenrock(2), Didier Hannouche(1)

Femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI), described by Ganz in 2003 (1), is a frequent cause of hip joint pain in young adult athletes. Morphological alterations of the acetabulum (pincer effect), of the head-neck junction (cam effect), or femoral torsional deformities are the main causes of this dynamic impingement.

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Article : Biplanar opening-wedge tibial valgus osteotomy for medial knee OA: Review of 20 year’s experience with tips and tricks By Thomas R. Henkel, Alex E. Staubli

Frontal plane leg alignment correction is an important pillar of treatment during joint-sparing knee surgery for medial gonarthritis. A varus deformity of the knee joint represents a significant risk factor for the development and further progression of medial cartilage lesions.

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Article : Practical approach to modern cartilage repair combined with realignment osteotomy of the knee joint By Boris Ivanovas

Realignment osteotomies are reliable procedures that have been tried and tested for decades for the treatment of isolated focal cartilage injuries, unicompartmental OA of the femorotibial joint and, in rarer cases, for the femoropatellar joint also. In practice, most realignments osteotomies are performed for the treatment of knee OA with degenerative, poorly defined and extensive cartilage damage.

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Article : CURRENT TECHNIQUES IN ARTHROSCOPIC BANKART REPAIR By Ajinkya Achalare1, Nilesh Kamat2, M.P. Ramraju Mudunuri1

Bankart repair techniques have improved significantly over the last 90 years since Bankart initially described this lesion. Various open and arthroscopic techniques have been developed over the time to address the glenohumeral joint instability with the ultimate goal of restoring the normal shoulder function and lowering the rates of recurrent instability.

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