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On 01/12/2018

N°279 - December 2018

N°279 - December 2018


Pierre Lascombes carved a career in pediatric orthopedics in Nancy (NE France), where he was head of department. He has been greatly involved in his specialism’s organisation. For a number of reasons, he decided to up sticks and take up a post as head of department with the University Teaching Hospitals of Geneva. To say that he does not regret this decision is an understatement…

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Article : Thoughts on the Principles of Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) By J.D. METAIZEAU, Delphy DENIS

For over 40 years, elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) has been regularly used to treat fractures of the long bones in children. Although the technique has been widely described, experience shows that the precise principles are often poorly understood. Therefore, we provide a recap here, without looking at the operative technique in detail.

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Article : Gravity and growth By C. Cazeau

Around 400 million years ago, the first forms of terrestrial life of aquatic origin colonized the continents. These were plants, exposed to much greater mechanical forces than in the water. They adapted themselves so that their roots grew in the soil and aerial growth occurred above the ground.

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Article : Robert Merle d’Aubigné and the Judet brothers, Jean and Robert: the birth of modern orthopedic surgery in the middle of the 20th century By Philippe MARRE

This year, the French Society of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery (SOFCOT) celebrates its hundredth birthday: it has been a remarkable century full of French innovation in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery. In the words of Gérard Lecerf, ‘throughout the 100 years of its existence, our Society has never stopped evolving’.

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Article : The anteromedial approach to the hip in adults By Philippe Chiron, Jérôme Murgier

Medial approaches to the hip are mainly used in pre-walking children in developmental dysplasia of the hip.

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Article : Surgery to the anterior chest wall: pectus carinatum and excavatum By Pierre Lascombes (1), Jim Wilde (2), Isabelle Ruchonnet- Métrailler(3)

Numerous consultations are requested for children and adolescents because of anterior chest wall deformities, which is why in 2014, we began to hold multidisciplinary consultations in pectus excavatum (PE), pectus carinatum (PC) and other asymmetries of the ribcage where there is no clear association with a spinal deformity.

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